LGN Revolution

Client: LGN International Inc.
Work: Web Design
Release Date: June 2009
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator icon Adobe Photoshop icon XHTML icon CSS icon JavaScript icon PHP icon MySQL icon API icon


Two of the largest online marketing websites were merged into a new system.

The merge was from a .NET to PHP. The .net based system EDC was integrated into the PHP based system LGN Revolution. Every move on this scale, presumes a new company view, expressed by the new vision of the acquisition.

Paying attention to the requirements, we created a new design for the website, developed on the basis of the previous systems. It combines the best features from both predecessors, ensuring a corporate view and an impressive vision of financial prosperity.


A merge of this size, and especially between systems based on different platforms, requires increased attention and solid preliminary research.

We carefully examined how the systems worked and the structure of the systems in the first phase of the research project. After that we created a plan for the merge process. This research, however exposed a lot of serious obstacles, which in the end increased the research… complexity of the project and the time and effort expended.


The merge of the web based systems was completed by extracting the required information from the base systems and integrating it into the newly developed system. The approach in general was much more than just merging two systems, it was actually creating a new system based on two predecessors, which surpassed both. This was the only way the quality of the final product could be guaranteed.


In this engaging design, we had a mission to overcome all challenges and to create an attractive and improved layout.

The new design is in harmony with the business requirements of the company. The soft colors demonstrate confidence and stillness. The header combines the chosen graphic elements well. The horizon symbolizes the unlimited possibilities of the business, while the confident faces in the foreground give a feeling of ease and success.

The color scheme is based on corporate light colors with a white background, which is also one of the major colors schemes of its predecessors. The interface is easy to use, and is achieved by use of the tone, the typography and the navigation on the website.


The new website is not only a successor of the merged sites, but it also possesses a lot of additional features. Some of them were taken from the predecessors' sites and changed, while others were completely new. The final result is more than worth the effort – a solid and stable online system that thousands of members can rely on.

Key Features:

  • Transactions system with merchant accounts.
  • A complicated modified system for handling payments.
  • Control panel with full control of important data and functions.
  • Statistics.
  • Product download system.
  • Online member affiliate store.


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