The way we see ahead might not be the easiest, or the shortest, but we eagerly follow our goals and we are certain this is the right way to achieve them.

The steps we take every single day are the guarantee that we are on the right track. We work smart and with intelligence. We are dedicated to our job and pedantic about detail. Brainstorming, discussions and in depth testing help us cover every possible aspect for our clients.

We strongly insist on the continuous improvement in the knowledge and skills of our team. We keep up to date within one of the most quickly developing sectors and that's what makes us confident about our position in the market.

We believe that the future will bring us further possibilities for continued growth!


We aim to provide our clients with total internet confidence.

Our main goal is to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and secure, and have confidence entrusting their business to us. We combine reliability, security, particularization, trust, quality work and attention to detail into a complete web solution, which promises a successful business future for both our clients and our company.

Certificates guarantee the quality and reliability


The quality and reliability of the products and services we provide is guaranteed by our certificates, which are the best proof of our professional skills.

These certificates below are a demonstration of our professionalism. They also show that we know our trade, and that any project is safe in our hands.

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Our Team

The Kaizen Web-Productions team consists of experienced professionals, all of them proven specialists in their field. We do our best to constantly encourage and motivate all of our team members, providing them with the best working environment and giving them the possibility of continuing to improve their skills and knowledge.

This is our strategy and it achieves superb results for our clients.

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Latest Projects

  • LGN Revolution

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    Client: LGN International Inc.
    Work: Web Design / Programming

    A huge merge project for two big affiliate based internet companies.

  • iBuzzPro™ Junior

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    Client: Voice Marketing Solutions LLC
    Work: Web Design / Programming

    A multi level marketing internet based system with automated functions.

  • Bryne Karateklubb

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    Client: Bryne Karateklubb
    Work: Web Design / Programming

    An impressive feature-packed website for a Kyokushinkai karate club.